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one. (Cricket) cricket either of two modest wooden bars placed over the tops of the stumps to kind the wicket

1. (Legislation) a sum of cash by which anyone is bound to choose responsibility for the appearance in court of One more man or woman or himself or herself, forfeited if the individual fails to look

bail - the legal method that permits an accused human being to generally be temporarily launched from custody (typically on issue that a sum of cash assures their visual appearance at trial); "he is out on bail"

law, jurisprudence - the gathering of rules imposed by authority; "civilization presupposes respect for that law"; "The good issue for jurisprudence to allow freedom though implementing get"

Sweden's govt assumed terrible financial institution debts, but banks experienced to write down down losses and problem an possession interest (frequent stock) to The federal government. Shareholders ended up commonly worn out, but bondholders were being guarded.

Central banking institutions supply financial loans to help the program cope with liquidity fears, exactly where financial institutions are not able or unwilling to provide loans to companies or individuals.

A Distinctive govt entity is developed to administer This system, like the Resolution Have faith in Company.

Sweden shaped a check here brand new agency to supervise establishments that required recapitalization, and Yet another that offered off the belongings, mainly real estate property, the financial institutions held as collateral.

The Troika has managed the crisis bailouts of European states in the economic crisis as well as the IMF performs a important job in examining the progress created by bailed out nations.

Basically, The federal government gets to be the operator and may later attain money by issuing new prevalent inventory shares to the general public when the nationalized establishment is afterwards privatized.

remove, take away, withdraw, consider - get rid of anything concrete, as by lifting, pushing, or getting off, or clear away a thing summary; "clear away a danger"; "get rid of a wrapper"; "Clear away the filthy dishes with the desk"; "go ahead and take gun from your pocket"; "This device withdraws heat through the natural environment"

1. To pay for someone's launch from jail. An individual's name or even a pronoun can be utilized amongst "bail" and "out." I should go bail out my brother—the law enforcement picked him up yet again, and he is down within the precinct. Bailing my son out from jail was the minimal place of the 12 months.

three. (Agriculture) Austral and NZ a framework within a cowshed used to safe the head of the cow throughout milking

the technique permitting release of someone from custody wherever this kind of safety has become takenhe was introduced on bail

2009 - Financial institution of America to help it absorb acknowledged losses which were much bigger than revealed to shareholders incurred by its buyout of Merrill Lynch

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